Presenting Past Chief Sipple His New Wheel Chair - Lifecare At Lofland

Sunday, May 17, 2015

This morning a few members from the Georgetown Fire Co., Inc. headed off to pay a visit to one of our beloved members and Past Fire Chief. We also took over our new engine for him to look at and any input he might want to give about the new engine. The Brdigeville Fire Co. members met up with us at well to see Past Chief Sipple's twin brother Ronald, whose a Past Chief of Bridgeville. Back in May we recieved an email on the website about how bad of a condition their wheel chairs have gotten. So in our June company meeting we brought up to purchase them new wheel chairs. The Bridgeville Fire Company split the cost with us for Ronald's wheel chair. Once the wheelchairs came in and were assembled, they were taken to Rogers Sign to be lettered up. On the side of each wheel chair theres a gold leaf like stick with fire company seal and their names. The Sipple family was also on hand for the presentaion, social visit, and a light luncheon was provided as well. Its great to see that we don't forget the ones who got us where we are today, because of the brotherhood, love, and the traditions we all share within the fire service.

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