FOR SALE – 2001 Pierce Lance Heavy Duty Rescue

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The unit is a 2001 Pierce Lance Heavy Duty Rescue, with 40,557 miles as of March 1, 2021. Additional information is the engine a 60 series Detroit 430 hp, an Allison 5 speed automatic transmission, cab is extended with a 24 inch raised roof, seating for 11 in which 10 are SCBA seats and a 24 ft body half walk-in .The Rescue Truck is being sold as is and will be availble to the buyer to receive once our new Rescue Truck is in service, within next 6 months (or a time frame agreed upon with the buyer). Apparatus will come with some equipment which we will provide that list at a later date. The Rescue Truck was DOT inspected August 2020 and lighting was upgraded to all emergency LED. There are (2) Wilburt 9000 watt light towers, a 12,000 lb. front winch, (6) 6000 psi air bottles for onboard cascade system, (2) air reels and (2) electric reels. Will come with (2) Holmatro Simo pumps and (4) reels with 80 ft of Holmatro core hose on each reel. Truck has (2) separate generator systems which are a10 kw Amps & 30 kw Winco. All interested parties should contact President Michael Briggs (302)462-0009 or Chief Engineer Eric Swanson (302)858-8279.

Thank you for your time and interest!!!

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