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Photo Gallery:

82nd Annual Oyster Eat

Saturday, February 23, 2019
Thanks for all that came out and supported us. See you next year!

The line has formed
Views: 373
Ronnie Heck 45 Year Member with President Michael Briggs & Chief Penuel Barrett
Views: 418
30 min to go
Views: 374
President Michael Briggs speaking to staff
Views: 353
Views: 356
Member Art Fletcher
Views: 364
Dustin Waller and Randy Humphreys
Views: 394
Our Great Members Ready to go
Views: 455
Council Member Mike Vincent top left always here to help
Views: 410
Our wonderfull staff
Views: 454
Deputy Chief Mark Rogers, Past Chief Jim King, Jamie Locklear, Jake Ricker
Views: 422
Thanks to the Laurel FD for standing by
Views: 366
Views: 353
15 Minutes before Doors Open
Views: 350
Fire Police
Views: 378
Next Batch to Cook
Views: 338
Member Jacob Barrett
Views: 374
Oysters ready to be cooked
Views: 356
Harry Fletcher Sr. and Grandson Ryan Fletcher
Views: 387
Past Chief Rodney Marval (Left)
Views: 395
First Arrivals
Views: 393
Getting Started
Views: 398
Getting Busy
Views: 404
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 416
Past Chief Bob Ricker selling t-shirts.
Views: 376
The great band...
Views: 372
Our Great Members!
Views: 421
Members working hard
Views: 399
Hot Stuff
Views: 408
Members of Station 75. Past Cheif 75 Andy Jones (Right)
Views: 392
Our Fire Service Buddies
Views: 411
Oyster Eaters
Views: 377
Behind he scenes
Views: 365
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 376
Chief Engineer Jimmy Hitchens (Left)
Views: 367
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 385
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 407
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 409
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 398
Views: 366
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 378
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 379
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 384
Member Ryan Fletcher Working Hard
Views: 367
Views: 361
Members of 77 Working hard!
Views: 377
Captain Dustin Waller
Views: 375
Our Newest Member of 77
Views: 383
Deputy Chief Mark Rogers (Left)
Views: 371
Senator Brian Pettyjohn, Mayor Bill West, President Michael Briggs, Rodney Marvel, Gene Devornic, Chief Penuel Barrett
Views: 382
Micahel & Lewis Briggs
Views: 368
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 360
Oyster Eaters
Views: 369
Dave Roberts, Bill Tobin, Patrick Miller, & Senator Chris Coons
Views: 388
Senator Chris Coons coming out to support
Views: 384
County Administrator Todd Lawson Second From Left coming out to Support
Views: 384
50/50 Raffle
Views: 356
Oyster Eaters!
Views: 385
Brothers from Laurel FD on Stand By
Views: 382
Auction of Oyster Knife
Views: 383
Auction Winner of Oyster Knife
Views: 427
Auction Winner of Oyster Knife
Views: 460
Views: 391