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Listen to Live
Fireground Operations
from the Sussex
County Emergency
Operations Center

Georgetown Fire Co.
P.O. Box 77
100 S. Bedford St.
Georgetown, DE 19947

Sta: (302) 856-7700
Fax: (302) 855-1080

Dial 9-1-1
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Name: Julie Matthias
Location:  Georgetown, Delaware
Department:  Georgetown-Sta. 93
Comments:  Hey boys! Glad to see you working so hard :) Keep it up!
Sign Date:  November 29, 2004
Name: Jason Tharp
Location:  Blades, Delaware USA
Department:  STA. 71
Comments:  Great job on the website it looks great, keep up the great work.
Sign Date:  November 25, 2004
Name: Don Stamper
Location:  Middletown, Delaware
Department:  Del. City & Christiana
Comments:  Keep up the good work Georgetown. Tell Pepper to give me a call.

Don Stamper -admin 388.8047

Sign Date:  November 15, 2004
Name: Bryce Coviello
Location:  Ocean View, Delaware U.S.A.
Department:  Millville Vol. Fire Company
Comments:  The web site looks great. Hey Brooks, stop by Millville some time and good Luck to everyone at Sta. 77
Sign Date:  November 11, 2004
Name: Michele Brown
Location:  Gloucester City, New Jersey USA
Department:  Westville Fire Department
Comments:  Great website guys. Got your link off of another link. I am always looking on the net at different fire departments from around the world. Check out our website at Take care and be safe.
Sign Date:  November 8, 2004
Name: Kate Moore
Location:  Ellendale, Delaware
Department:  Ellendale Volunteer
Comments:  Hey guys! Your site looks great I like the way you have it all laid out. Don't forget to stop by if you're ever in Ellendale!
Sign Date:  November 7, 2004
Name: Norman Amendt Jr.
Location:  Ocean View, Delaware USA
Department:  Millville
Comments:  Nice job Brooks
Sign Date:  October 30, 2004
Name: John Wright
Location:  Frankford, Delaware
Department:  Frankford VFC
Comments:  Brooks, the site looks great! I can't wait to see what you can do for the FVFC. Keep up the great work.
Sign Date:  October 23, 2004
Name: Don Stamper
Location:  Middletown, Delaware
Department:  Delaware City & Christiana
Comments:  This site continues to display good information to all that view it! Congrats again Brooks. To all the members of Georgetown77....Stay Safe!

Don Stamper -admin

Sign Date:  October 19, 2004
Name: Norman Jester
Location:  Phoenix, Arizona
Comments:  Great Job Brooks. As a former limited member of 77, I thank you for doing a great job. Keep the stories and photos coming. I miss the fun of being around the station and the brothers and sisters of the department. Thanks
Sign Date:  October 14, 2004

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Condition: Fair
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Trash Fire, Dupont Blvd
Assist Station 81 Laurel, Garage Fire on Layton Rd
Assist Station 75, Camper Fire, S. Old State Rd
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